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South African Cycads Info Chart

E. aemulans on rocky slopes in northern KwaZulu-Natal            
E. altensteinii in forests and grasslands in the Eastern Cape            
E. aplanatus in shaded woodland, eastern Swaziland            
E. arenarius on sandy slopes in the Eastern Cape            
E. brevifoliolatus very rare, on grassy slopes, Limpopo            
E. caffer dwarf cycad in grasslands of the Eastern Cape            
E. cerinus rare dwarf cycad, on cliffs and among rocks, northern KwaZulu-Natal            
E. cupidus small cycad, rocky soil, Mpumalanga            
E. cycadifolius on rocky slopes in the Winterberg mountains            
E. dolomiticus

rare, on dolomite ridges, Limpopo

E. dyerianus rare, on rocky slopes, Limpopo            
E. eugene-maraisii rocky soils in the Waterberg mountains, Limpopo            
E. ferox

in sandy soils, northern KwaZulu-Natal

E. friderici-guillielmi high altitude grasslands, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal            
E. ghellinckii in grasslands, up to Drakensberg foothills            
E. heenanii rare, on rocky slopes in Mpumalanga and Swaziland            
E. hirsutus in rocky terrain, Limpopo            
E. horridus in rocky soils, semi-arid parts of the Eastern Cape            
E. humilis in grasslands, Mpumalanga            
E. inopinus rare, on rocky slopes in semi-arid areas, Limpopo            
E.laevifolius rare, on grassy slopes, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Swaziland            
E. lanatus on rocky outcrops in Mpumalanga and Gauteng            
E. latifrons very rare, in thicket and among rocks in Eastern Cape            
E. lebomboensis on cliffs and rocky slopes in Mpumalanga            
E. lehmannii in stony soils on the eastern edge of the arid Karoo            
E. longifolius on rocky slopes and in sandstone, Eastern Cape            
E. middelburgensis rare, on slopes and among rocks on the highveld, Mpumalanga            
E. msinganus rare, on rocky slopes in a dry area of KwaZulu-Natal            
E. natalensis widespread on rocky slopes in KwaZulu-Natal            
E. ngoyanus

dwarf cycad, among large boulders in northern KwaZulu-Natal

E. nubimontanus rare, on dry rocky slopes, Limpopo            
E. paucidentatus in dense shade and in open areas, Mpumalanga            
E. princeps on rocky slopes in semi-arid areas of the Eastern Cape            
E. senticosus on rocky slopes, northern KwaZulu-Natal and Swaziland            
E. transvenosus on hillsides, Limpopo, sunny to dense shade            
E. trispinosus in rocky soils, semi-arid areas of the Eastern Cape            
E. umbeluziensis hot, dry conditions in low scrub, Swaziland, Mozambique            
E. villosus in densely shaded forests, Eastern Cape to Swaziland            
E. woodii originally from the Ngoye Forest, KwaZulu-Natal, dense shade, now extinct in the wild            
S. eriopus Two forms, one from grasslands, one from forests, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal            


Key/ Legend

  Rarely available
  At specialist nurseries
  Common at nurseries

W= Watering Requirements
  Moderate watering
  Low watering

L = Leaves
  Green leaves
  Narrow leaflets
  Blue grey leaves

T= Trunk
  Tall stems, tree-like
  Short stem with suckers
  Subterranean stem

F = Frost Hardiness
  Not frost hardy
  Moderately frost hardy
  Frost hardy

S = Sun or Shade
  Full sun
  Semi shade
  Full shade

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