Flower Emblems of the World

This list of national flowers has been compiled from various undated sources. Please let us know if you are aware of updates or corrections that should be made. Email: webmaster@sanbi.org.

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Country Flower
Argentina Cattleya orchid
Australia Wattle,Golden wattle
Austria Edelweiss
Belgium Azalea, Red or corn poppy
Bermuda Blue-eyed grass
Bolivia Inca magic flower
Brazil Cattleya orchid
Bulgaria Red rose
Canada Maple leaf, Rose as symbol of England, Fleur-de-lis as symbol of France
Ceylon Wesak orchid
Chile Chilean bellflower
China Peony, Plum flower, Narcissus
Colombia Mayflower orchid (or Christnmas orchid )
Costa Rica Flor de San Sebastian
Cuba Ginger lily
Czech Republic Rose (traditional), Carnation (popular), Linden tree
Denmark English holly, Forget-me-not
Ecuador White nun orchid, Rose
Egypt Lotus or water lily
England Red tudor rose
Ethiopia Calla
Finland Lily of the valley
France Golden fleur-de-lis
Germany Cornflower
Greece Violet, Laurel, Bear's breech
Guernsey Guernsey lily
Hungary Tulip
India Blue lotus
Indonesia Melati jasmine, Moon orchid
Iran Red rose
Iraq Rose
Ireland Shamrock
Italy Rose (traditional), Violet (popular), White lily (religious)
Japan Yellow Chrysanthemum (imperial), Cherry blossom (popular) Japanese apricot (tradaitional)
Korea Rose of Sharon


Latvia Oxeye daisy
Libya Pomegranate blossom
Lithuania Rue (Ruta)
Luxemborg Rose
Malagasy Republic Traveler's tree
Malaysia Hibiscus
Mexico Orchid (official), Nopel cactus (prickly pear) ( traditional), Dahlia
Monaco Carnation
Nepal Blue lotus
Netherlands Calendula (official), Orange tulip (popular)
New Zealand Silver fern
Nicaragua Ginger lily, cane-of amber
Northern Ireland Flax
Norway Heather
Panama Dove orchid (or Holy Ghost orchid )
Paraguay Jasmine-of-the-Paraguay, Orange blossom
Peru Inca magic flower
Philippines Sampagita Jasmine
Poland Cornflower
Portugal Lavender
Russia Chamomile, Daisy
Rumania Dog rose
South Africa King Protea (see other emblems)
San Marino Cyclamen
Scotland Thistle
Spain Red carnation, Pomegranate
Sweden Twinflower
Switzerland Edelweiss
Turkey Rose (traditional), Tulip (popular)
Uraguay Ceibo, Cockspur coral
Vatican City Easter lily
Venzuela Orchid
Wales Leek
Yemen Arabian coffee
United States of America Rose
Yugoslavia Lily of the valley



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