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Welcome to PlantZAfrica.com
The site for information about plants native to southern Africa and related topics.

This site is brought to you
by the

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South African National Biodiversity Institute

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The new site is at pza.sanbi.org

Data is still being transferred and this site will be maintained until all the data is transferred, but all new plants are being posted to the new site.

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Bookmarks: we have made provision for old bookmarks to the plant pages to work on the new site.


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for new plants.

Previous plants for 2014 and years back to 2000.


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Vegetation of SA
Floral Kingdoms, Biomes (including fynbos), Veld types, Alien plants, Red data lists.

Using SA Plants
Medicinal Plant Monographs

From the Archives
Articles from Veld & Flora

Miscellaneous Info
Arbor Week, Alien Plants, Floral emblems, Red Data lists, Import/Export & Permits


Medicinal Plant Monographs We are proud to be hosting the results of the Pharmacopoeia Monographs Project developed by the South African Traditional Medicines Research Group of the School of Pharmacy at the University of the Western Cape with support from the Medical Research Council and other participants. casas de apostas The monographs are presented as .pdf files. Copyright in these monographs resides with the authors, the South African National Biodiversity Institute, the South African Medical Research Council and the University of the Western Cape. They may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the written consent of the copyright holders. apuestas online These monographs may be cited in publications as follows: Scott, G. and Springfield, E.P. (2004). Pharmaceutical monographs for 60 South African plant species used as traditional medicines. South African National Biodversity Institute (SANBI) Plant Information Website at http://www.plantzafrica.com/medmonographs Plant profiles of many of these plants containing more information and images form part of the Plants section of this website. Click "more info" to find these, or use the site search facility for all links. online casino schweiz bonus Medicinal Plant Monographs Files loaded February 2005 Agathosma betulina Alepidea amatymbica - more info Artemisia afra - more info Ballota africana - more info Bulbine frutescens - more info Carpobrotus edulis Cissampelos capensis Cliffortia odorata Cotyledon orbiculata - more info Elytropappus rhinocerotis Euclea undulata casino argentina online Geranium incanum - more info Helichrysum patulum Harpogophytum procumbens Hypoxis hemerocallidea - more info Leonotis oxcymifolia Lobostemon fruticosus Melianthus major - more info Nylandtia spinosa casinos online Olea europaea ssp. africana - more info Osmitopsis asteriscoides Pelargonium cucullatum - more info Pelargonium peltatum Peucedanum galbanum Salvia africana-caerulea Salvia chamelaeagnea - more info Siphonochilus aethiopicus - more info Stoebe plumosa Tarchonanthus camphoratus - more info Tulbaghia alliacea juegos de casino Agathosma crenulata - more info Asclepias fruticosa Buddleja saligna - more info Carpobrotus acinaciformis Chironia baccifera - more info Cliffortia ferruginea Conyza scabrida Dodonaea augustifolia Eriocephalus africanus - more info Galenia africana Gunnera perpensa Helichrysum petiolare - more info Hippia frutescens Leonotis leonurus - more info Leysera gnaphalodes Melianthus comosus Mentha longifolia - more info Ocotea bullata Oncosiphon suffruticosum Pelargonium betulinum - more info Pelargonium grossularioides - more info Pelargonium triste Prunus africana Salvia africana-lutea - more info Sceletium tortuosum Stachys aethiopica Sutherlandia frutescens - more info Tetradenia riparia - more info Warburgia salutaris - more info . University of the Western Cape Medical Research Council All natural remedies should be used with caution and your doctor's consent. Visitors use this site at their own risk and the SANBI is not liable for any of the consequences resulting theretofrom.