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Welcome to PlantZAfrica.com
The site for information about plants native to southern Africa and related topics.

This site is brought to you
by the

South African National Biodiversity Institute

The new site is at pza.sanbi.org

Data is still being transferred and this site will be maintained until all the data is transferred, but all new plants are being posted to the new site.

Bookmarks: we have made provision for old bookmarks to the plant pages to work on the new site.


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Previous plants for 2014 and years back to 2000.


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Vegetation of SA
Floral Kingdoms, Biomes (including fynbos), Veld types, Alien plants, Red data lists.

Using SA Plants
Medicinal Plant Monographs

From the Archives
Articles from Veld & Flora

Miscellaneous Info
Arbor Week, Alien Plants, Floral emblems, Red Data lists, Import/Export & Permits